SD Biotechnologies receives the $50 Million Export Tower

Awarded four years in a row for export expansion since 2015
A notable achievement only a year after $30 Million Export Tower

2018-12-13 10:35 출처: SD Biotechnologies Co., Ltd

SD Biotechnologies CEO Park Sul-Woong received the $50 Million Export Tower

SEOUL, South Korea--(뉴스와이어) 2018년 12월 13일 -- SD Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Sul-Woong) announced that SD Biotechnologies was awarded the $50 Million Export Tower on the 55th Trade Day in Seoul, Korea.

Hosted by Korea International Trade Association and sponsored by Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, the Trade Day is an annual ceremony to honor the companies which have contributed to the expansion of exports and the development in overseas markets.

Winning the prize 4 years in a row, SD Biotechnologies Co., Ltd., won the $5 Million Export Tower in 2015 and has been steadily rising up to $10 Million in 2016, $30 Million in 2017 and finally $50 Million in 2018. SD Biotechnologies definitely has proved itself as a global cosmetic company.

Through the export expansion and the market development every year, SD Biotechnologies’ products are launched in 44 countries around the world and the company is a global health and beauty group. For example, SNP Ampoule Masks are very well known worldwide, 3 sheets are being sold per second.

An official from SD Biotechnologies said, “SD Biotechnologies could be the winner of the $50 Million Export Tower this year by launching SNP at Wal-Mart, appointing Huang Jingyu, the Chinese top celebrity, as a model, and the MOU with the largest group in Indonesia, AG group’s PT ORION PRATAMA SENTOSA. We will continue to promote overseas markets and take the lead in K Beauty by achieving a higher export volume with our customized strategies.”

SNP Cosmetics by SD Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. exports not only to Asian countries including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China but also beyond Asia to the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. SNP is well recognized as the leader in the market with its quality and unique ideas.

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